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It's like the squirrel was Princess Diana or something.

'A few elderly people have been knocked down and killed by cars just down the road and you don't see a shrine for them.' Mother-of-four Juliet Grant, 33, added: 'I think it is a bit over the top and I was surprised to see so many tributes.

He was so special – I thought he was something out of a fairy tale.

'The children adored him and there were always squeals of delight when they spotted him.

But in reality, Etsy provides a place that anyone can be an artist. What makes me smile is when I find a Etsy seller that embodies that spirit. The best part is that she wants to share some of this beauty with you.

Someone that captures things in such a special way that I love looking at their art.

I felt bad telling her the news.' However, Dorking is not unanimous in its grief.

Some of the comments on the Facebook site suggested the squirrel was to blame for jaywalking, with one, from 'Kevin', saying: 'He should have joined the Tufty Club and learned the Green Cross Code.' And a friend of a woman visiting the grave remarked: 'Everyone's getting worked up about this, but I don't understand it.

'Someone had just run over him and left him lying in the road,' she said. 'We made a little grave for him with a little wooden cross.

Beside the grave lie gifts, flowers and heartfelt messages, some in verse.

A tribute page on the social networking site Facebook has attracted more than 250 members.

It was like a little fantasy land to walk through the churchyard and see this gorgeous creature.

'We all gave him nuts and food and now it is as if a little light has gone out.

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