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Neighbouring Jews, who mostly reside in Galilee, are also affected by the oppressive rule of the Byzantines.

Jews of Galilee led by Benjamin of Tiberias gain autonomy in Jerusalem after revolting against Heraclius as a joint military campaign with ally Sassanid Empire under Khosrau II and Jewish militias from Persia, but are subsequently massacred.

Main articles: Timeline of the Bible, Time periods in the region of Palestine, Kingdom of Israel (united monarchy), History of ancient Israel and Judah, The Bible and history, and Missing years (Jewish calendar) 1 Kings 6:1 states that the Exodus occurred 480 years before the construction of the First Temple in the fourth year of Solomon; Solomon's reign cannot be dated accurately, but would equate to roughly 1440 BCE (960 BCE – 480 years). At some point during this era the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) is canonized.

Jewish religious works that were explicitly written after the time of Ezra were not canonized, although many became popular among many groups of Jews.

Muslims granted Jews and Christians exemptions from military service, the right to their own courts of law, and a guarantee of safety of their property.

Jewish poets, scholars, scientists, statesmen and philosophers flourished in and were an integral part of the extensive Arab civilization.

In the following centuries the Jewish center moves to Galilee.

In India, the Hindu king Sira Primal, also known as Iru Brahman, issued what was engraved on a tablet of brass, his permission to Jews to live freely, build synagogue, own property without conditions attached and as long as the world and moon exist.Those works that made it into the Greek translation of the Bible (the Septuagint) became known as the deuterocanonical books.Helena of Adiabene, a vassal Parthian kingdom in Mesopotamia, converts to Judaism.Final events of the First Jewish–Roman War – the fall of Masada.Christianity starts off as a Jewish sect and then develops its own texts and ideology and branches off from Judaism to become a distinct religion.

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