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Statements released by the stars’ respective agencies have said that the couple have no concrete wedding plans yet. She is still dating Rain, but there are no concrete plans to wed,” Kim’s agency said, while Rain’s agency Cube Entertainment announced: “Despite what has been reported, (Rain) has never had a meeting attended by the parents of both sides and has no detailed plans to marry yet.” The two stars, who are first reported to be dating in 2013, have confirmed their relationship’s status, but they have largely kept their romance out of the spotlight.At the time of the revelation, singer Rain was enlisted in mandatory military service, from which he was discharged in July.Lotz’s Sara was such a fan favorite that Legend’s creators — the same team behind Arrow and Flash — resurrected her for the new show via the mystical Lazarus Pit, which has left Sara with a taste for blood.Unlike Sara, White Canary originates in the DC Comics world, but the similarity ends with the name.What kind of discussions did you have with the writers or producers about Sara’s sexuality on Legends?

In DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the ambitious time-traveling superhero CW series that premiered Thursday night, “time-master” Rip Hunter (Doctor Who’s Arthur Darvill) is trying to stop a psychotic madman named Vandal Savage from destroying the world in 2166.

The initial report said signs of wedding preparations were apparent from as early as late last year.

The same outlet said there was opposition from families on both sides to marrying a fellow celebrity, which was reportedly an ongoing issue for both stars.

Sara Lance — played by Caity Lotz (Mad Men) — is the sister to Laurel Lance and a former assassin who went by the moniker Canary.

She’s also formerly dead, as she was killed off in the premiere of Arrow’s third season in 2014, before the Legends pilot was picked up.

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