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What PHP does in the case of undeclared variables is issue a very low level error, @twistedpixel Those 4 ways are independent, that's not a 4-step guide.So if you've chosen to use way 4, that means you didn't implement first 3 ways, so you you didn't supress any errors yet.// recommended solution $user_name = $_SESSION['user_name']; if (empty($user_name)) $user_name = ''; OR // just define at the top of the script $user_name = ''; $user_name = $_SESSION['user_name']; OR $user_name = $_SESSION['user_name']; if (! That's not measurable in real world applications, but should be considered in data heavy iterations.I used to use this script for years and I've never had any problem." It is very common for most sites to operate under the "default" error reporting of "Show all errors, but not 'notices' and 'deprecated'".This will be set in and apply to all sites on the server.

It is also a major security risk with register_globals turned on.E_NOTICE level error is issued in case of working with uninitialized variables, however not in the case of appending elements to the uninitialized array.isset() language construct can be used to detect if a variable has been already initialized.I feel this is necessary because most real-world answers on this issue are very specific.Related Meta discussion: @Pekka웃 - I noticed the edit adding the "and "Notice: Undefined offset"" - Wouldn't it make more sense using "PHP: “Undefined variable”, “Undefined index”, “Undefined offset” notices" (even take out the PHP, since it is tagged as "php".

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