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) A 3D projection image of the gut wall from a Nestin-GFP reporter mouse, where blood vessels are perfusion-painted with Di D (cyan) and nuclei are counterstained with PI (light gray), showing that cells expressing Nestin-GFP (green) form an extensive network that is present in many layers of the gut, ranging from the longitudinal and smooth muscle layer (labeled as LM and SM, respectively) to the mucosa (labeled M).

() A 3D projection of the Nestin-GFP cell network within the gut wall of the adult ileum without vessel and nuclear stain (with longitudinal and smooth muscle layer labeled as LM and SM, respectively, and the mucosa is labeled M).

Cells that do not express Nestin or Sox10 also occur in the myenteric ganglia.

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() merged image shows Hu C/D-expressing (green) cell (yellow arrow) that expresses td Tomato (red) and is labeled with DAPI (blue), whereas another td Tomato-expressing cell (white arrow) labels for DAPI but does not label for Hu C/D.

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( Nestin-expressing cells that have cycled at least twice, during the Id U as well as Cld U pulse to generate neurons.

White arrows in ) Image from the myenteric plexus of a Wnt1-cre:td Tomato mouse containing a Nestin-GFP transgene showing that only the Nestin-GFP–expressing cells in the myenteric ganglia (red arrow), and not perivascular cells (green arrow), are of neural crest origin.

( cells (green, green arrows) do not express pan-neuronal marker PGP9.5 (magenta, yellow arrow) in a mouse whose vasculature was labeled with Di D (red) indicating that intraganglionic Nestin-GFP expression does not label neurons.

Images () show Cld U and Hu C/D immunostaining on tissues that were denatured with 2 N HCl at 50 °C for 5, 10, and 15 min, respectively.

Although denaturation at 5 min does not show any label-retaining cells, few label-retaining extraganglionic cells (red arrow), but no neurons can be labeled on 10 min of denaturation.

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