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I have two sons, 20 and 24, and he has a son aged 22. My three sisters and two brothers-in-laws are flying out for the wedding.They tell me this is the happiest they’ve ever seen me in my life!We want to make things easy because we’re incredibly confident that we can help turn your dating life around.Once we’ve finished the six sessions, we’ll discuss any future coaching needs. For many of you, six sessions will be enough to add satisfaction and fulfillment to your dating life. We’re thrilled to provide any ongoing support you need.

I became a certified life coach and developed new strategies and new ways of behaving toward men. “I’m excited to tell you that the man I met through the friend, that I invited to the Symphony, has proposed and we are engaged to get married on June 25th!Perhaps you are an adult child of an alcoholic (ACA), adult child of a narcissist ACON) or other dysfunctional family system and grappling with co-dependency issues. Being bombarded with dating sites, apps and imagery real or imagined doesn’t help.Some of the things that make it so difficult for people in recovery are the integration of abstinence, sobriety and boundary setting in a world of instant gratification where sensory overload can often be the very thing that set up the addictive pattern to begin with. The problem is that for many recovering addicts the original place where they learned how to relate was through role modeling from their dysfunctional family of origin.Low self-esteem, fear of rejection, abandonment and fear of taking risks can often be a by product.At some point you want to connect and take that first step back into the dating world.

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