Dating high maintenance men

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If you are impatient or an alpha personality, dating this kind of person will likely lead to ongoing conflicts, arguments, and frustration.Choose your future partners carefully, and make sure that you choose your relationships based on the other person’s emotional traits more than any other factor!They will sulk or pout, or shut down or freeze you out when they are dealing with negative feelings they can’t handle.

Up until now, most of the things discussed are the positive factors why men are attracted to high-maintenance women.No matter how much you are attracted to someone or how much you have in common with them, you need to take a step back and seriously ask yourself how much their high-maintenance issues might annoy you – and cause deep resentment – a year or, say, five years from now.In short, the individual who can make it work with a high-maintenance man is one who is patient, non-judgmental, and flexible.Quick word association game: Picture someone high-maintenance. When many people conjure thoughts of someone who fits this definition, they often picture a woman.Specifically, they picture a Kim Kardashian-type who demands the finest materialistic possessions and who treats herself like a total queen.

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