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(Kofman et al – Meteoritics & Planetary Science 2010)An image of the contact between the ejecta and the top of the paleosol, organics (charcoal), and underlying Ah horizon, used to delineate the ejecta blanket as revealed in the sample chamber of the auger.In this image, the overlying ejecta represents ejected Ae horizon material. Combined results of two magnetic surveys performed using the GEM Systems GSM 19-TW. Dense vegetation along the southern half of the grid made surveying slightly more difficult.

I had thought that the area would be “hunted out” by now, but I was pleasantly surprised that our group did find a few meteorites that afternoon, enough for each of us to take a souvenir home.

The crater was extremely difficult to identify from the air (do you see it? The crater is circled in this image at the end of this article., striking the surface at an angle between 40° and 55° to horizontal.

It appears that the main mass survived atmospheric transit relatively intact, with fragmentation and partial melting during impact.

CENTEMETRE SCALEThe largest Whitecourt meteorite presently discovered (a second view), a regmaglypted individual found in October 2010. J., 2008, The Discovery of a Late Holocene Impact Crater Near Whitecourt Alberta: 71st Meeting of the Meteoritical Society, 2008.

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