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But truly knowing a partner isn’t static — it’s continuous, with your understanding of them growing and shifting over time. Always seek to learn more relevant information about who your customer is as an individual. Doing this shows them that you’re committed, strengthening the connection between the individual and your brand, and it allows you to also show… Once you know about your customers, you can analyze what you’ve learned to choose the best ways to interact with them — through what modes (email, text, Instagram), with what type of frequency (every 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months), even with which tone you should speak to them (buddy-buddy, salesy, to the point). It’s one thing to prefer some space, but it’s another thing to take prolonged breaks from interacting because of… When things are rocky, and engagement is low, you need to look back at who your customer is — their past behavior and activities — to find out what you should do.Every customer—like every dating partner—is different. Then, compare that with similar personas in your marketing programs.In the 2005 romantic comedy “Hitch,” Alex Hitchens (played by Will Smith) recounts how he began his path to becoming a love doctor. ” These are the questions we’re left with after having been “ghosted.” They’re often the same questions that we’re probably never going to have answered because we’re not paying close enough attention.It all started with a college romance that saw him coming on far too strongly, followed by her sudden absence from his everyday life. We marketers tend to see an interested client, and either go 100 percent for them — throwing everything we’ve got at them, or play it casual, hoping not to bombard them. And in the process, we will be missing out on the fact that the person of interest is unique, and has unique needs.

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For example, if you work for an airline, and notice that one of your frequent fliers has not flown with you for a while, you can compare this behavior alongside current business trends, and make assessments about what to do.

This will give you a long, healthy, happy relationship that will see you care for one another so much that your customer — out of their loyalty to you — will become a brand advocate.

You should do your best to always pay attention to them, so you may provide relevant experiences throughout the customer journey.

That’s your goal — not to sell, but to continue the conversation in a relevant way. That’s for you to learn, based on who you both are.

But ultimately, you are hoping to — by your actions — encourage them, increase their loyalty, and pave the way for their future success, and future purchases.

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