Dating your vox ac30 Sexchats mobi

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4) The details of each of the Vox amplifier models, covering their developments and circuits.

A large chapter in this section rates 45 different models of Vox amplifiers for their sound, and for their suitability for live, studio, and home use.

Traditionally, the classic-spec Top Boost AC30 offers chiming clean tones with a brilliant-bordering- on-gritty edge, all of which gets darker and more overdriven as you wind it up.

Much of that is in evidence in the Top Boost channel here, but thanks to the master volume setup, it's much easier to coax the AC30C2 into overdrive at lower levels.

A significant watershed came in 2005 when Vox switched production to China for the well-received Custom Classic series.

Player feedback, however, told Vox's designers that the CC's myriad switches and options were largely surplus to requirements, so what better reason to revisit the design, save a bit of cash and offer an all-new, more stripped-down AC30 Custom? Yep, us too…Before you read on, check it out in action on video: The very first AC30s didn't have the fabled Top Boost section; it was originally something you could have as an upgrade if you returned your amp to the JMI factory in Kent.

The livery here is evocative of the old-school as always, with the chicken-head knobs and purple top panel working perfectly with gold piping and brown diamond grille cloth.

The rear panel offers a mono effects loop, with the additional feature of a bypass switch to enable you to remove it from the signal chain entirely, and there's also a choice of speaker outputs: the extension jack allows you to link a second cab in the traditional manner, plus the socket marked External outputs the sound while also muting the internal Celestions.Later models had it as standard of course, and it's no surprise to see it included here alongside a 'normal' channel.The two channels aren't footswitchable, though each has its own inputs and volume control, feeding the master volume - unlike original AC30s - and Tone Cut pots.Also included is a month-by-month chart for dating A. 7) A full Vox chronology and a full listing of JMI employees is included, along with source materials.For those who crave more power, the AC30 expands on the captivating sound of its little brother by doubling the wattage.

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