Doggie dating show

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They meet again at the airport and then they decide it's time to move on and they'll get back together if the universe wants it.In Scoop-A-Rooney Maddie didn't want Diggie to find out about Josh so she asks Liv to not clear up the confusion about her boyfriend, but Diggie came back and knew it was Maddie all along telling her, he wants to get back together with her.When Liv pretends to be Maddie and asks Diggie to the dance, he rejects, only because he knew it was Liv pretending to be Maddie.He claims that he knows Maddie, that even though her sister has the same face, he knew that it wasn't her.He explained how Liv didn't do the "cute thing" Maddie did with her charm bracelet when she was nervous.

Diggie was 6 feet tall in season 1, however he has burst forth and grown to tower over all cast members at his colossal size of 6 feet 6 inches and is still getting bigger and his body is still enlarging. At school Diggie struggles to not be seen as he is too much of a skyscraper and soars above the lockers.

The premiere of the 3rd season Continued-A-Rooney continues the cliffhanger which showed Maddie rushing to the airport to see Diggie one last time to confess she still liked him but turned out Diggie had left already which leaves Maddie upset.

Although Diggie also comes back for her at her house and Maddie does not know about it.

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