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I find so many people who are "full of themselves"...long as they get what they want, when they want it, all is well in their world..if not, then it has to be someone elses fault, and they go nuts on it, never let it go, and carry on and on until they do get it. I am not sure how many people heard about this, but just before his show hit the air back in early 2003, Oprah had to take time off from her show to help him get his up and running in time for the season. Phil was firing all of his employees because he "thought there was someone out there that could do the job better". Phil is such an expert at keeping marriages together, then why has he been married more than once? He deals in principles and theories which explain human behaviors, including sexuality and relationships. But it doesn't change the fact that he is an arrogant douche bag. Phil's TV persona is a strange mix of aw-shucks country boy charm and a holier-than-thou attitude, all couched in that insipidly smug smile that says "I know the answer to EVERYTHING".

I'm sorry, but first off, that's not a legitimate reason to fire someone and secondly he was not yet a star, and even now is not a big enough star to have the best employees that money can buy. YEs, the majority of what he says is common sense, but sadly the majority of the population anymore doesn't HAVE common sense. Common sense is what common people think they have but others lack. The Stepford audiences that go to his shows look to this bald guru and his sage 30-second therapy sessions as the answer to their myriad of problems, most of which any six-year-old could figure out for himself.

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What amazes me, are the fools who keep coming to get advice from him..usually states the obvious and basically reinforces what they already know..so they're left sitting there on his stage like, "duuuuuuuhhhh"...I love watching his show. most people just need a kick of common sense in the butt...a wake-up call. (As I said...never seen him in action..my statement does hold true.)I agree with afflicted skin, I had to post this because of a conversation i had with a girl....guy is making all that money, he has books, his show...............people really need to open there eyesits common sense I too agree that it is common sense, or as I like to call it...sophmoric pop psychology. If the guy truly was a genius he would have been able to run his own show. I appologise, this was something that I heard a while back, but after researching it a bit found that there is no evidence of him ever being married more than once.

I felt that he sincerely tried to understand how this all worked without taking a stance one way or another.

He was patient with the guests, (even those who were trying a bit too hard) and offered some very sound and reasonable advice.

They never learned manners, never learned to respect other people, and never learned to think about more than themselves. As a professional psychologist, he has published numerous scholarly articles and has practiced in the many fields of clinical psychology and behavioral medicine. It's fun to see Phil, and his exalted sense of self, lord over his audience of sheep, castigating them for their self-made dilemmas, and then acting puzzled when some cry.

I sort of miss having Oprah at his side, as she would repeat things Phil would say, to confirm to herself and the audience that she was just so searingly self-aware.

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