Foot fetish and dating

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Guys, if you think it's hard to disguise your eyes slipping down to cleavage level for a peek, consider how much more difficult it is to glance another 4 or so feet (ha) down, ah such is the hell that's the life of a footman ;)Anyway, a toast to those glorious ladies who dress their shapely high arches and pedicured pretty toes into strappy sandals, secure in the knowledge that they possess one of the greatest assets in the arsenal of feminine seductiveness. Men should rightfully show their appreciation by kissing and sucking on them.

This is obviously important - hard to imagine something worse than clicking in person and then if/when things progress to the next level, you find your partner grossed out by the fact that you'd love to nibble on her toes, spend time gazing into her underarm or whatever floats your boat!Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your honey.. Exploits it would be a more accurate assessment :) on our first lunch date, she asked my opinion of the shoes she was wearing, slipped one of them off to show it to me, knowing full well that I was struggling to keep my eyes above the knee. Recently I had the great good fortune to meet a wonderful lady from POF. If you did get involved with a woman who wouldn't indulge your passion you'd both be miserable. But just dismiss it by saying, "I'm not a 'leg man', 'breast man', or 'a$$ man'. It as the female body part that *I* find most attractive." Sure, there will be some who look at us as weird, and run for the hills, but no big loss there.

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