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Speak customer’s tone or language IPSoft emphasis that Amelia will be able to detect a customer’s tone, and be able to engage with them in a way that will make the customer feel listened to and important.

Perhaps the closest AI system to what our imaginations have created in films and books is IPSoft’s Amelia.When considering its use for customer support; its uses become very attractive as an investment.When thinking about artificial intelligence for customer service applications the first thought that probably comes to mind is a poorly scripted chat-bot that has very minimal programming and can only help you with things that can basically already be found on the FAQ page of a website.However, with developments in AI technology, this is just a stepping stone into higher efficiency.Soon these poor conversationalist robots will be a thing of the past, and be replaced with AI programs that will work seamlessly with customers and learn from them as well as their human co-workers.

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