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The character customisation is amazing and there’s enough back-story to drown in, should you so wish. Ubisoft’s F2P noob mixes trademark Ghost Recon cover mechanics and teamplay with some well considered free-to-play gubbins, making for one of the most exciting free releases on PC so far this year. Armored vehicles, planes, naval fleets, Japan, America, Germany, the kitchen sink: it’s got it all.

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No other similar game allows players such scope and depth. Probably not for 40 year-olds, but different strokes. Free-to-play MOBAs aren’t in short supply anymore, but Smite holds its head above the crowd.

It’s got space and land missions and was developed by Cryptic, so if you’ve been around a while you’ll know what to expect.

Put it this way: there’s nowhere else to fight the Borg. Conan’s been around since 2008, when it released in a broken mess and was roundly savaged as a result.

While we all look away from that modestly-sized elephant, consider this: the array of free-to-play games on offer these days is truly bewildering, and you, being a time-challenged cog in the twenty-first century’s machine, have forgotten to type URLs that don’t begin with “facebook”. A staple free download on Xbox One, Rare scrapper Killer Instinct is also available for zero dollars on PC. There’s a bunch of celestial angelic stuff going on here.

It’s standard Asian stuff, really, even though it’s billed as the first proper action MMO.

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