Hong kong compensated dating site

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Jo meets clients, aged between 25 and 35, about twice a week at nighttime and during weekends, when she’s not studying.

The phenomenon of part-time girlfriends – or PTGFs – for rent in Hong Kong has blossomed on social media in recent months.

We’ve identified that in some circumstances customers may not have received the bonus interest payments they expected on their Progress Saver accounts.

This occurred because, in some cases, the bonus interest qualification period that ANZ applied to accounts was not consistent with ANZ’s communications. Information about the changes and how bonus interest works is available at com/auxiliary/progress-saver/.

Like girls involved in a previous Hong Kong phenomenon called “compensated dating”, there’s a social stigma attached to being a part-time girlfriend because of the widespread assumption that they are all available for sex at a price.

Jo, who requests anonymity, says not all part-time girlfriends are selling their bodies.

Only affected customers will receive interest adjustments and notifications.

Payments will be made to affected accounts between September and November 2015.If you have, or previously had, a Progress Saver account which was affected by this issue, you will receive a payment in one of the following ways: The interest adjustment or cheque payment reflects the missed bonus interest plus an additional amount in recognition of the bonus interest not being paid to your account at the time.Customers who receive an interest adjustment of or more to an affected account will receive a letter advising of the details.In some circumstances, ANZ was not clear in its communications about the bonus interest qualification period that applied to accounts and has decided to make interest adjustments to customers who might have been impacted.ANZ has now fixed the issue and payments of interest adjustments are being made.

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