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It's the first place since leaving the frigid coasts of the South Pole that has felt anything like home. Her time as a celebrated war hero lounging around the Fire Palace has come to a close.It's time to resume the life she had to leave behind to help a young Airbender save the world."I promise I'll visit soon," she swears instead.And for my money, the computer generated aliens managed to do none of those things.I’d had a similar reaction this summer to the last act of (they weren’t outright terrifying for me, but they did generate convincing tension).

Katara's Waterbending brought him back from the edge of death, but it couldn't make him perfect. The new scar that bloomed in the center of his chest- he can take that too.

Pretty much every answer, with a few exceptions, was of a physical creation of sorts. Two of the creations in that film still manage to put the chills up me. And I can’t help but wonder if the movies’ skill at scaring us with monsters and aliens has all but dissipated now.

In fact, if anything, it’s the small screen where ingenuity still rules. well, you can fill in the rest of the list for yourself.

It's terrifying, not being in command of his own body. Not when it's likely a temporary symptom of the shock his body took during Sozin's comet.

He dresses with calculated movements, taking note of each brush of fabric against his skin, each pinch of silk between his fingertips.

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