Israel free sex

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Shulamit Almog is an action member of Pros Pol, COST Action IS1209, which seeks to compare and disseminate knowledge about prostitution policies in Europe.

She has made a submission to the UN Women consultation on sex work.

A new draft law that would take legal action against clients of prostitution services passed a preliminary reading in the Knesset recently.

Social organizations are now trying to push for final passage.

Public opinion, government policy and the law courts, cooperating in rare accord, unwaveringly reject sex trafficking.

But when the discussion shifts towards prostitution, the unanimity evaporates, and a highly polemic discourse takes its place.

The sex industry in Israel generates nearly NIS 2 billion a year.

Thousands of women find themselves trapped in a cycle of prostitution due to factors ranging from sexual abuse in childhood to severe social and economic circumstances.

All postal forms must be returned by 27 October with the poll closing on 7 November.

Women in prostitution are more frequently diagnosed as suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Additionally women in prostitution face social infamy, which means humiliation, contempt and harm to dignity – a toll exacted from all women in prostitution, even from those who manage to avoid physical and emotional abuses or trauma-related harms.

They are framed as manifestations of human rights when deriving from free choice.

Amnesty International adopted this position in 2015.

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