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The contract said that once Lopez provides satisfactory medical files to JJ that she has terminated the pregnancy he and Lopez will try to maintain a social and/or dating relationship between themselves for a year.The contract also said that Redick would pay Lopez ,000 if he decided it was impossible to restart a relationship with her.Her tweet read – “” ‏ Chelsea Redick, 29, was born Chelsea Lynn Kilgore to John and Robin Kilgore from Florida.You’ll be amazed to know that she has an identical twin sister, Kylee Kilgore.Lopez did not and has never terminated a pregnancy of a child fathered by me.“Continued attention to these lies is severely damaging to myself and my family.Thank you.”On Tuesday, a six-year-old settlement agreement between Lopez and Redick in which Lopez said she had decided to end a pregnancy was published on a gossip website.The agreement also stipulated that Redick would have no obligations to Lopez if a medical exam showed Lopez "was either not pregnant or did not terminate the pregnancy."At the time, Redick was 23 years old, was not married and was about to begin his second season with the Orlando Magic.The agreement appears in the case file of a civil lawsuit that Lopez filed in 2010 in Orange County Circuit Court against former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal.

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Redick was selected 11th overall by the Orlando Magic in the 2006 NBA draft.

Some time back Redick was in the news because of his “abortion contract” with his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Lopez.

Redick allegedly offered to maintain a dating relationship with Lopez for a year or pay her ,000 in exchange for aborting the baby which Vanessa claimed to be Redick’s.

However, she would receive nothing if she made the decision.

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