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To browse cameras just select the country or camera type.”“This site has been designed in order to show the importance of the security settings.

To remove your public camera from this site and make it private the only thing you need to do is to change your camera password.”A lawyer told The Daily Mail that “looking at someones camera would be a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act in the United States as it involves hacking into someone’s password-protected account - even if that password is the default setting.”Professor James Der Derian, the Director of the Centre for International Security Studies at the University of Sydney, called the feeds an invasion of privacy, but also a good lesson for people to learn from."The fact is right now we are the most transparent society that has ever existed, and people would still like to believe that they are exercising privacy with bad passwords or not having passwords at all," Professor Der Derian told The Sydney Morning Herald."Everybody should treat anything thats being taken – a picture, an image, a video – in the default that this is public access, not private access."According to Insecam’s IP address, the site originates from Moscow.

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Introduced insects that are specialists and feed on a single genus of plants can be high-impact as they can potentially eliminate an entire native plant genus over large areas.

There are more than 73,000 cameras featured on the site, all are accessible because the owner of the webcam has not changed their default password.

While some of the footage may appear harmless, like of a parking lot or office, other streams are of people’s private homes, featuring their bedrooms and living rooms in some cases.

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