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"Critical thinking just goes out the window on North Korea," NK News founder Chad O'Carroll told The World Post.

Too often, international media outlets rush to regurgitate Japanese and South Korean press reports about North Korea without doing the same fact-checking they would on other stories, O'Carroll said.

Meanwhile Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun said the porn charges were leveled at former bandmates of Kim's current wife, Ri Sol Ju, who were executed after they were overheard discussing her sexual past. North Korea said the reports were fabricated, but the pop groups stopped appearing in public.

Experts interviewed by The Guardian about the story warned that with few high-level defectors coming out of North Korea, such stories from the heart of the regime are almost impossible to verify. North Korea had officials executed by flamethrower.

Michael Madden, who authors the site North Korea Leadership Watch, wrote in Foreign Policy that such reports from North Korea often involve gross exaggeration.

"Little snippets of information are imaginatively threaded together by creative diplomats or intelligence officials ...

Technology website GSM Insider compared images of the North Korean phone with a Chinese model, and concluded that the Arirang was a re-branded clone. Kim Jong Il kidnapped a famous director to build the North Korean film industry.

Given what is often an utter lack of information, it can be difficult to tell the difference.The mortar story, he concluded, is probably a deliberately-circulated rumor to intimidate other military officials, due to the triviality of the offense and its reemergence in the media. North Korea produced its own smartphone -- dubbed the Pyongyang Touch.Source: North Korea's official news agency in August 2013 announced the launch of the North Korean Arirang smartphone, manufactured in the country using "indigenous technologies." Verdict: Dubious.One state TV show warned that long hair harms intelligence by consuming the brain's energy, according to the BBC. Source: Defectors have described a ban on clothes with English writing and trousers for women, as well as mandatory lapel pins bearing the images of former leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.Yet defectors from North Korea say while the hairstyle directives are real, they are not a big deal, as most people voluntarily stick to conservative styles and the rules are not seriously enforced. Verdict: Likely, although experts say Kim Jong Un has relaxed the fashion rules in order to appeal to a younger generation, and they were not uniformly enforced. Source: After North Korea announced the execution of the supreme leader's uncle and second-in-command in December 2013, Hong Kong newspaper Wen Wei Po detailed a particularly brutal execution method.

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