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This is not why I started posting on instagram, this is not what I want my life to be about.I started using the app to share my art, my ideas and my thoughts on life and travel with you all, to possibly have a conversation, to transmit some sort of emotion and make you dream harder.This way, most of the time, your pictures will end up in the , most of the people who liked that picture arent’ your followowers and never will be. Anything good and durable takes time and hard work to built and trickery is not a durable nor ethical strategy.But that doesn’t matter cause now you look like the cool guy with the highest engagement ever (even if you didn’t earn it), and you can trick brands into hiring you because you have the numbers! There’s still a lot of good on instagram, there’s honest instagrammers that are doing amazing things and earned their way up, there’s good people with a lot of talent, good work that deserves to be seen and voices that deserves to be heard.The dirtiest way to do this is of course to buy your way to the top.Today there’s a million website where you can buy just about anything to make yourself look insta-famous!This is how it works: If you want to be involved you have to post at the same time of everyone else (the most used time slot is around 2pm nyc time).

You can use this to play the game and join the mafia or maybe, just maybe, you can keep playing clean and know in your heart that the system is flawed and corrupted and you can do your best to make instagram all about stories and creativity and the art and The Work again…These accounts today are successful only thanks to our free content so please, don’t you dare, ever EVER pay for a feature!They are the ones that should be paying and thanking you!I emailed my portfolio to some of these featured accounts a few months back and i received an alarming amount of replies where they were asking me for money to get featured! )It’s incredibly fucked up that these people, who build their businesses on free content they took from us, are now asking artists to pay to get feature!Imagine if MTV would start asking money to artists to air their music videos…wtf!

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