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Ageing Well Together is also the consultative group for the Ageing Better LGBT Hub, where people can have their say on what they would like for groups and services for 50 LGBT people to offer.

We welcome anyone – of any age – who is involved in a community group for the LGBT community, and anyone who is interested in what’s available for them.

He’s on the road at the end of the year with The Happy Mondays for the 30th Anniversary of Twenty Four Hour Party People. We’d be fools to waste the gold dust that is time with Shaun Ryder by asking him inane questions that bang on about product. I like to get home so I can be dad.” Being dad involves looking after his two young daughters, who are at primary school. There was no time to enjoy it that’s why we spent all our time off our faces. I was riding all over the place.” The rock’n’roll legend, reality TV star, drug-dealer, poet, film star, heroin addict, son, brother, father, husband, foul-mouthed anthropologist and straight-talking survivor, quit the ‘Mondays when his drug addiction was at a peak. We got back together in 1999 but I still had the receivers on my arse. “I did the Jungle (I’m A Celebrity) thanks to a great guy called Brian, who’d got George Best out of his troubles. Everyone had got the mad rocker thing and the swearing-off-my-face-thing on TFI Friday. I was dragged kicking and screaming into the jungle but it worked out great.” He’s proud of his work with the ‘Mondays. Though Twenty Four Hour Party People and Yes Please!

It’ll be a greatest hits tour, so we do the usual shizz to promo it. Before we move on, we ought to earn out spurs by pointing out the significance of Twenty Four Hour Party People, or to give it its full title, Squirrel and G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out). Wild and eclectic, it featured the awful vocals of Shaun on songs like Tart Tart, Kuff Dam and Olive Oil. The drugs are done.” They are to such an extent that you almost expect the tour rider for Shaun Ryder to feature pipe and slippers, rather than Es and whizz. He’s got six kids from three mums and having messed up the first time round is trying to put it right. Now I’m sort of a grown up, so we do things differently.” As a kid, his own mum and dad drummed it into him that there should be no stealing, he should go to church and he should go to school – ‘all of which I ignored’. It was tough.” Desolate Shaun’s autobiography is a brilliant, five-star read. I was out every day from 8am to 9pm on my pushbike getting off the drugs. They’d been flown out to record Yes Please in Barbados, which was in the grip of a crack cocaine epidemic. They sold the furniture from their studio to buy more drugs and Shaun failed to record any vocals. were patchy, Bummed and Pills’n’Thrills and Bellyaches were great records. But back then, all the time I was onto the next thing and wanted to do better.

If you’d like to attend, or find out more, please contact Maria on 01 or [email protected]

We are a friendly support and social group for those suffering from depression or other mental illness.

“I can imagine one day we’ll be out doing that first album in full,” Shaun adds. I keep getting mixed up between what I should be talking about because I’m doing both bands at the same time. When we were young it was pure partying and playing gigs came second. “As soon as I’m off stage, I’m gone, back to the hotel. The miracle of Shaun is that he’s still here at all. I wish I’d known how easy it could be when I was a kid. The Sunday Times best seller explains how he turned Manchester into Madchester, how he lived a life of glorious highs and desolate lows, how he combined the excesses of a true rock‘n’roll star with lyrics that led Factory Records impresario Tony Wilson to describe him as ‘the greatest poet since Keats’. If he was still alive now, he’d be in London doing some major TV stuff. They then hi-jacked the master tapes and ransomed them back to Factory. “When we took the Bummed album on the road, I hadn’t actually listened to it since the day we finished it back in 1988.

We meet every other month to catch up with new developments with Ageing Better and how it can support the LGBT community, followed by a discussion on topics of interest to LGBT people who are 50 and over.Anyone interested in reading and discussing books of relevance to the LGBT community will receive a warm welcome.The group ethic is to be open to all with a free and easy atmosphere – you don’t even need to have read the book you will still be welcome. Shaun took so much crack that he can’t remember the 1990s, called his autobiography Twisting My Melon and once recorded a solo version of Is This The Way to Amarillo? Absolutely, gob-smackingly, mind-bendingly, eye-poppingly Brill. He agreed to feature in Shameless as long as he didn’t have to say or do anything, recorded a bizarre version of Barcelona with Russell Watson and reportedly features in Channel 4’s Compliance Manual as follows: ‘Please note that the Channel 4 Board has undertaken to the ITC that Shaun Ryder will not appear live on Channel 4’.

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