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During heavy rains, the pump sends stormwater through this streambed.

The most important thing to remember is to make it look natural and that means making it irregular and rambling.

Have the streambed end in a logical spot, such as behind a group of shrubs at the bottom of a small hill, and try to make it look like stones spilled down the waterway and “stuck” where they are.

“None of our downspouts were trenched, and during heavy periods of rain we experienced some seepage in one part of our basement,” she says.

“By digging a dry stream bed, I was able to take storm water away from the house and redirect it to a nearby river birch tree — a win-win situation.

The yard opens into a park-district-tended field, and I wanted to give the feeling of separation between my garden the field without blocking the view.

Unless you are creating a Japanese-styled garden featuring a dry stream bed to suggest running water (and not to channel it), you are probably looking to improve water flow through your yard.

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