Online updating satellite maps dating site in europe 2016

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Providing transit updates in real-time to users greatly enhances their experience of your transit services.Providing up-to-date information about current arrival and departure times allows users to plan their trips even more smoothly.Urban landscapes are always in flux: new lanes, construction everywhere, altered traffic patterns.With its frequent revisits, our satellite constellation often detects these street-scale changes before a city adds them to its official vector map, improving the experience for riders and drivers around the world.Live Transit Updates is a service providing real-time transit updates to users of Google Maps and Google Maps for mobile.

A key factor in that planning: accurate terrain maps.Without current maps, planners were ill-equipped to make informed decisions regarding land, infrastructure, and resource use for an ever-increasing population, more than half living below the poverty line.Until Aerial-View Solutions, our Nigerian partner, offered an affordable solution.Now Google has updated Google Earth with the imagery from Landsat 8, launched in 2013.The new satellite is able to capture images with “greater detail, truer colors, and at an unprecedented frequency — capturing twice as many images as Landsat 7 does every day,” Google announced on its Google Maps blog this afternoon.

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