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The Vulcan hand greeting, for instance, which Nimoy invented, is the Hebrew letter shin, the symbol for the Shekhinah, a feminine aspect of the divine.The original series aired only a few years after the Cuban missile crisis, at the height of the Vietnam War and the space race, and its vision of a reconciled humanity was bold.In the original series, for example, no one seemed bothered by the fact that short-skirted female crew brought the male senior officers their lunches, or that Captain Kirk seemed barely able to contain his sexual appetites.The series’ bartender, maternal and full of folksy alien wisdom, is played by a black woman, Whoopi Goldberg.

The commotion began last week, when the show’s trailer first appeared on You Tube.Nichols, who considered leaving the show after the first season, has said that she was persuaded to stay on by Martin Luther King, Jr., who told her that he watched “Star Trek” with his wife and daughters.Later manifestations of the franchise continued the tradition.The captain of the Enterprise in “The Next Generation” was a Frenchman from Bordeaux (though he spoke impeccable Oxbridge English). G.” explored much more than space: it sketched the contours of a modern utopia in which people, freed from material want, could pursue knowledge, justice, and the greater good.The chief engineer, Geordi La Forge, was black, and his colleagues on the bridge included an alien and an android. The series’ early-nineties spinoff, “Star Trek: Deep Space 9,” went even further.

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