Satire essay on online dating

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On the other hand, women liked men who have higher socio-economic status under this theory, such as men who have higher income, professional job and high intelligence. It increased the opportunity to individuals to talk and truly get to know each other's backgrounds, opinions, and life goals to decide if it deserved to meet each other (Jerin & Dolinsky, 2001).

There are million of people all over the world have been using the Internet to meet others for friendship and relationship since the mid 1990s (Jones, 2001).These theorists believe that men are attracted to women who are physically attractive, because female beauty is valued in the society.When being partnered with a female who is physically attractive will increase a man's social status. In online dating, the Internet are given everyone a dating place which equally shown same level of personal information.Also young people have trend to postpone marriage until educational or financial goals are achieved.The phenomenon is special appear in women obviously, because since women's movement in the 1960s, women in particular have delayed marring and have a families in order to develop their careers, that's why the number of educated singles is increasing.

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