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Alexander, Elizabeth, Fifty-Two Weeks for Florette [Reprinted as by Elizabeth Alexander Heermann.] (Saturday Evening Post, August 13). Beer, Thomas, Mummery (Saturday Evening Post, July 30). Jackson, Charles Tenney, The Man who Cursed the Lilies (Short Stories, December 10).

The following three dozen candidates, more or less, average highest: Addington, Sarah, Another Cactus Blooms (Smart Set, December).

Cooper, Courtney Ryley, The Fiend (Cosmopolitan, March); Love (Red Book, June).

Cram, Mildred, Anna (Mc Catt’s, March); The Bridge (Harper’s Bazaar, April).

Hurst, Fannie, She Walks in Beauty (Cosmopolitan, August). The Poppies of Wu Fong, by Lee Foster Hartman (Harper’s, November). Out of the first list sixteen stories were requested for republication in this volume.

Irwin, Inez Haynes, For Value Received (Cosmopolitan, November). Neidig, William F, The Firebug (Everybody’s, April). Post, Melville Davisson, The Mottled Butterfly (Red Book, August); The Great Cipher (Red Book, November). The significance of the third list lies in the fact that only one story was selected from it, the others meeting objections from the remainder of the Committee. In like manner, the second prize, of 0, is awarded to “The Man Who Cursed the Lilies,” by Charles Tenney Jackson.

The following sections of this Book Rags Literature Study Guide is offprint from Gale's For Students Series: Presenting Analysis, Context, and Criticism on Commonly Studied Works: Introduction, Author Biography, Plot Summary, Characters, Themes, Style, Historical Context, Critical Overview, Criticism and Critical Essays, Media Adaptations, Topics for Further Study, Compare & Contrast, What Do I Read Next? Gale and Design and Thomson Learning are trademarks used herein under license. Mumford, Ethel Watts, “Aurore” (Pictorial Review, February); The Crowned Dead (Short Stories, July); Funeral Frank (Detective Stories, October 29). Stringer, Arthur, A Lion Must Eat (Mc Clure’s, March). Vorse, Mary Heaton, The Halfway House (Harper’s, October). Balmer, Edwin, “Settled Down” (Everybody’s, February). Beer, Thomas, Addio (Saturday Evening Post, October 29); The Lily Pond (Saturday Evening Post, April 16). The several members of the Committee have seldom agreed on the comparative excellence of stories, few being of sufficient superiority in the opinion of the Committee as a whole to justify setting them aside for future consideration. Improvement began with the return to better financial conditions. Henry Memorial Committee, and that his name should be associated with that work perpetually this tribute is hereby printed at the request of the Society of Arts and Sciences. ” [The prizes were delivered on June 2, 1920, and on March 14, 1921, at the annual memorial dinner, Hotel Astor.] In 1921 the Committee of Award consisted of these members: Blanche Colton Williams, Ph. Tucker, [Deceased, February 27, 1921.], Founder of the O. In the earlier half year, January excepted, every reader reported a low average of current fiction, so low as to excite apprehension lest the art of the short story was rapidly declining. Nothing he did gave him greater pride than the inception of the O. In 1919 the prize winning story was Margaret Prescott Montague’s “England to America”; in 1920 it was Maxwell Struthers Hurt’s “Each in His Generation.” Second winners were: 1919, Wilbur Daniel Steele’s “For They Know Not What They Do,” and, 1920, Frances Noyes Hart’s “Contact! Wilson And the Committee of Administration: John F. Results in 1921 differ in a number of respects from those of 19.

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