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Potato processing-packing Crop processing tour stops included the Con Agra Lamb Weston frozen potato processing plant at American Falls which processes two millions pounds of potatoes daily into fries and other products, including sweet potatoes sourced from California and Louisiana; and Wilcox Fresh’s 98,000 square foot potato processing facility at Rexburg. Terry Wilcox told the producers that potato sales are mostly flat, partly due to false nutritional information and the low-carbohydrate Atkin’s diet.The Wilcox operation sorts, cleans, packs, and ships from about 80,000 to 145,000 pounds of fresh potatoes daily. The dairy tour at Southfield Dairy in Wendell was led by Arie Roeloffs who moved his dairy in 1992 from Tulare, Calif. Today, his 7,500 cow Holstein herd, plus one jersey cow “to keep things interesting,” produces 83-87 pounds of milk per day per cow (without fat).Extended driveway provides lots of parking in the rear and a large, open backyard is perfect for outdoor activities. Nearby schools include Polk Middle School, Smith High School and Blanton Elementary School.The closest grocery stores are Albertsons, Braum's Ice Cream & Burger Restaurant and Sabu's. cotton and rice farmers in June toured farms and processing facilities in southeastern Idaho as part of the National Cotton Council of America’s 10th annual Multi-Commodity Exchange Program, sponsored by John Deere. cotton and rice farmers toured farms and processing facilities in southeastern Idaho as part of the National Cotton Council of America’s (NCC) 10 annual Multi-Commodity Exchange Program (MCEP), sponsored by John Deere.Program participants included: Dean Wells, Casa Grande, Ariz.; from Texas, Steve Olson of Plainview, Allan Fuchs of Garden City, and Barry Evans of Kress; Tommy Moore of Somerville, Tenn.; Herbert Price, Dixie, Ga.; Sam Spruell, Mt.

In addition to rainfall, water for Idaho agriculture comes from the Snake River. It’s the nation’s leading trout fish producer, growing about 75 percent of the nation’s supply of farm-raised trout.

2110 Teton is near Martha Pointer Park, Elm Fork Nature Preserve and R J Mc Innish Park.

Idaho farmer Dwight Little of Little Farms at Newdale, said, “This area has some of the most fertile soils in the world.” Laura Johnson, Idaho State Department of Agriculture - “Irrigation and the climate make Idaho a great place to farm.” Idaho agriculture is perhaps best known for its ‘spud-ilicious’ potatoes yet the Gem State’s almost billion farming industry is a diverse combination of about 185 commodities ranging from livestock to barley, alfalfa, trout, dry edible beans, and wheat. “This exchange program serves as a starting point to help agricultural leaders gain more knowledge about U. agriculture as a whole and helps them understand the needs and challenges faced by various commodity groups,” says John Gibson, director of NCC’s member services and the MCEP coordinator.

Phosphorus is the raw ingredient in the company’s Roundup herbicide.

This area has the only elemental phosphorus production facilities in the western hemisphere.

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