The state of maine dating law Sex chat talk dirty no sign up

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I met a young lady, very pretty, very down to Earth, doesn't smoke or drink. When the subject of sex came up one day, we were discussing the laws and she asked if it's illegal for us to be together.Come to find out that she's only 15 years old (had me fooled, y'know? I said, yes, it's definitely illegal until you turn 16.There is no law saying how to someone or what age to love them, but the there is a law that covers love to make love with them. I help clean around the house, dishes, or whatever needs to be done.For now just enjoyed each others company and possible dating. I just love to help them out and be around her as much as i can cause of the love i have for her.Her character is just like mine and thats what attracted me to her.

Even if the law was true that 16 is age of consent the other thing you may have to face if she turned on you one day and claimed rape witch that charge would be worse!!! If you were 20 or younger then it would be ok by her consent.Now the dilemma, when she's 16 and i'm 20 (from December 2004 until May 2005) then sex would be perfectly legal.However, when I turn 21, the sexual consent laws start to get a bit confusing.Either way, I've told her I'm not comfortable with the age difference (it wont matter when I'm 25 and she's 21), legal or not, but it has made for some very interesting research. Edit: I thought I'd also provide the other quote from the page I was reading. From what I understand from doing research and talk to multiple people it is leagal as long as she consents.So here's the quote I left out, and also the one I already included. A person is guilty of sexual abuse of a minor if: A. I am not taking that chance and I think the best way to find out is just to contact a lawyer or go to the nearest court to have it explained.

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