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Individuals are treated as adults at the age of 18, with some exceptions, such as drinking alcoholic beverages (12-47-901), renting cars, and purchasing a hotel room.

When an individual reaches the age of majority his or her parents are no longer liable for their child's actions.

The age of majority is the age when young people are considered adults for most matters.

This is a serious crime and punishable by fines, felony, and misdemeanor charges (12-47-901(IIA, IIB)).Bicycles must abide by rules such as: One law that applies to skateboards, skates, skis, and sleds is that they may not be on highways for traveling (42-4-109(9).Ultimately, young people should practice safety when involved in a recreational activity and respect those around them.back to top Curfew Laws Curfews are established to help deter crime and keep youth from getting into unnecessary trouble.Although there are no specific state statutes, many local governments have established curfews.

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