Updating steam platform 99

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A reboot with the new rules in place and it works once again.

Valve still haven't fixed the issue of the Steam Controller not working in wireless unless Steam is open though, bug reported here on September 1st. Thanks to Furball in our Telegram group chat for pointing it out. MS does not care at all about Linux gaming and certainly did not join the Linux Foundation because of games.

Community item pricing, item trading and stats, and much more.

The goal of this project is to allow C# developers who intend to use the Steam Web API to pull data from the Valve API server easily without worrying about syntax, interface names, method names and parameters.

Authentic, diverse, open - Arma 3 sends you to war.

Valve have changed the USB/Bluetooth communication the Steam Controller uses, so on Linux you will need to update your udev rules.

Be deployed in the solo campaign, take on scenarios and challenges, or team up in multiplayer battles online.

See their announcement here, which links to this guide of issues.

Funnily enough, Valve didn't even list the actual file you need to update, so here it is: # This rule is needed for basic functionality of the controller in Steam and keyboard/mouse emulation SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTRS=="28de", MODE="0666" # This rule is necessary for gamepad emulation; make sure you replace 'pgriffais' with a group that the user that runs Steam belongs to KERNEL=="uinput", MODE="0660", GROUP="pgriffais", OPTIONS ="static_node=uinput" # Dual Shock 4 wired SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTRS=="054c", ATTRS=="05c4", MODE="0666" # Dual Shock 4 wireless adapter SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTRS=="054c", ATTRS=="0ba0", MODE="0666" # Dual Shock 4 slim wired SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTRS=="054c", ATTRS=="09cc", MODE="0666" # Valve HID devices over USB hidraw KERNEL=="hidraw*", ATTRS=="28de", MODE="0666" # Valve HID devices over bluetooth hidraw KERNEL=="hidraw*", KERNELS=="*28DE:*", MODE="0666" # Dual Shock 4 over bluetooth hidraw KERNEL=="hidraw*", KERNELS=="*054C:05C4*", MODE="0666" # Dual Shock 4 Slim over bluetooth hidraw KERNEL=="hidraw*", KERNELS=="*054C:09CC*", MODE="0666" I tried reloading udev rules after, but it didn't seem to work.

With today’s Steam Software Store launch, users will be able to download Game Maker: Studio, immediately begin creating games with a free version and purchase packages that unlock features, functionality and additional export options.

Game Maker: Studio integrates with Steam Workshop allowing developers to publish games onto the platform for huge exposure and recognition potential within the Steam community, first on Workshop and then on Greenlight.

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