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Licensing out shows is far less common now, because it’s cheaper to simply make and license the show to yourself and keep the profit.Darabont believes that The Walking Dead was purposefully licensed at a low rate so that those who were owed percentages of the profit wouldn’t get paid.

Days later, the police arrive at Shawshank and arrest the guard, Myron. The weather is obvious springtime in Maine, so spring of 1966.He employs the cunning Thomas Newman, son of the legendary Hollywood composer, Alfred Newman.Darabont shows recognition for the film's needs by employing Newman, who makes the gentle piano chords whisper softly to the viewer, as if a part of the scripted dialogue.Though the film mirrors the novella in many ways, Darabont illustrates a focused objective of improving upon the areas where the novella came up short, resulting in one of the best book to film transitions ever.While maintaining some of the poetic and moving dialogue of the novella, Darabont also proves that a film's score can generate a great deal of emotional response from its audience, as dialogue does.

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